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What are the Loving Me Workshops?  They are:

  • A series of sessions that teach you the skills to improve your self-esteem
  • Psychoeducational, which means they teach psychological skills, and are somewhere between education and psychotherapy
  • Offered in person, in Pittsburgh, PA (and other locations, when invited), and also online
  • Each covering a topic such as Loving My Mind, Loving My Emotions, Loving My Body, Loving My Inner Child, and Loving My Spirituality
  • Related to the Self-Esteem Coaching in that the Coaching teaches the same skills one-on-one, and this can also be done in person or online

How do you take Loving Me Workshops?

  • Sign up for the introductory session—Getting to Know Myself–for a reduced fee, so that you can check out the workshops
  • Take the other sessions by registering for an entire series of eight sessions
  • Taking an entire series allows you to:
    • Have structure and incentive to complete the Healing Activities between sessions
    • See your progress build, one session upon another
    • Have the support of a group
    • Actually affect your self-esteem

Why should you take Loving Me Workshops?

  • They teach concrete skills, so you can take them in addition to your own therapy
  • You can take them by themselves if you are not ready to be in therapy at this time
  • An eight-week workshop is way cheaper and quicker than individual therapy!
  • They are effective–Informal research has demonstrated that the vast majority of people who have taken the complete workshop have seen an increase in their self-esteem at the end of the eight-week series

Forrest Self-Esteem Quiz

For each statement, please select the answer that most fits for you.

I generally feel good about myself.

I feel I know myself very well.

I feel confident about my mind and intellect.

I have mostly positive thoughts about myself.

I trust my emotions.

I have mostly positive feelings about myself.

I like my body.

I respect and enjoy my sexuality.

I love my inner child.

I feel proud of my spirituality.